The company "Renewable Energy - Solar Energy" in short "Oze-Sun" Sp. of o.o. 18.02.2011r registered. was established for the purpose of carrying out the tasks related to renewable energy sources,the implementation of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009.The main scope and area of ??operation is photovoltaics -production of renewable energy from solar radiation. As a result of the preparation of the annual period of the structure, the composition of the building, to complete training cycle is ready to take orders for the full implementation of the investment process associated with installations of photovoltaic [PV]. Since February 2012 the company launched a series of works related to PV installations during the concept and design documentation. At the moment, we can guarantee that if they cooperate with us realize your intentions in a fair and professional, from the preparation of investment finance to the final installation, ie the transfer of the operation and sale of electricity to the grid.

President Board Janusz Bartosz